About Me


After my husband passed away, I had a seven-year-old daughter, a business and a farm. One evening in exhaustion, I rested on the sofa not really listening to the T.V. I came upon Tony Robbins, the inspirational speaker, on the Oprah channel. Tony was counseling a young woman who asked how she could find her soul mate. He said, “You can not find your soul mate until you are your soul mate.” This advice empowered me. I decided that night to search my dream. I sold the farm and bought a lovely little log home. I kept the business, in order to support us, and enrolled in college. I would soon find out I was not even a tad busy compared to my new journey. I completed a self-designed major that encompassed my career as a Cosmetologist with Creative Writing and Women Studies. I found inspiration from incredible women in my world; friends, clients and historical characters who struggled with unbelievable burdens. They are constant reminders, I can do this.

Today, I am a mother, author, teacher and business owner. My first novel Spurred to Justice is set for publication 2018. My short fiction and non-fiction stories have been published in several magazines, most recently in both October and November 2017 issues of PA Equestrian Magazine and January 2018 issue of East Coast Equestrian. I am a past winner of the prestigious Bob Hoffman writing award.


Thank you,

Alicia Stephens-Martin

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